• The BR section deals with the interactions of beams with RF systems and their environment, primarily in the longitudinal plane.



  • The CS section provides expertise in all aspects of digital control of RF systems, process control, real-time control using VMEbus and PC front-end computers, and application softwares.

  • The FB section is responsible for the design, implementation and operation of the systems required to control the beam and provide feedback in the longitudinal and transverse planes using feedback kickers, cavities and pick-ups.

  • The IS section is mainly responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of high level RF systems in the Meyrin synchrotron injector complex : PSB, PS, AD, ELENA, LEIR with relevant contributions to Linac4.

  • The LRF section is responsible for the operation of RF systems of linear accelerators at CERN, including Linac2 and Linac3, and it develops accelerating structures for future accelerators like Linac4 and CLIC.

  • The MK section implements and operates high power RF systems, high gradient accelerating structures and specialized radio-frequency components for accelerators. The section trains young engineers and enhance world-wide collaborations and joint efforts for the R&D programs for the future accelerators.

  • The PM section is working on various highly exciting high power RF systems and on all related topics.

  • The SRF section is designing and producing RF components that are operated at cryogenic temperature. Dedicated infrastructure for clean processing and assembly plus warm- and cryogenic temperature RF-testing labs are operated, maintained and upgraded according to the evolving needs by the section members.




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