SRF - SC RF Cavity Technology

The SRF section is in charge of superconducting RF related activities within the RF group. In particular this comprises:

  • As equipment owner, participate in the exploitation of superconducting RF cavity systems in CERN’s accelerators

  • Centralize the RF design of superconducting cavities for accelerator upgrades and new machines.

  • Closely collaborate with specialist engineering and technical groups in cavity mechanical design, cavity fabrication, cavity surface preparation and treatments.

  • Assist in the design and construction of cavity ancillaries and cryostats.

  • Study the properties of superconducting materials in RF fields and contribute to the global effort of improving SRF cavity performance and reliability.

  • Maintain and upgrade superconducting RF facilities at CERN.

  • Carry out RF testing and measurement of superconducting cavities throughout the production process and perform the final testing of bare cavities at cryogenic temperatures

  • Conceive and develop specialist diagnostics facilities.

  • In collaboration with other groups, coordinate and carry out tests of cryo-modules and commissioning of SRF systems in CERN’s accelerators.

  • Provide specialist support to international efforts and collaborations within the SRF community.

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