Linacs RF (LRF)


The Linac RF section is responsible for the operation of radio-frequency systems of linear accelerators at CERN. It takes care of the first acceleration of bunches of protons and ions out of the particle sources in Linac2 and Linac3. Beams of particle bunches are sent to the CERN accelerator complex where they are further accelerated and sent to various experiments including the LHC.


The RF power systems operate at 101 MHz and 202 MHz and deliver few kilowatts to few megawatts of pulsed RF power to various types of cavities that accelerate the particles by high electric fields in vacuum. The section is also responsible for the RF operation of the REX-ISOLDE post-accelerator where various ion-species are accelerated. In the ASACUSA experiment in the antiproton-decelerator, the Linac RF section provides the support for the RF systems of the RFQ-D which decelerates antiprotons before being analysed.


The Linac RF section also takes care of the development of new accelerating cavities. It has designed and built the main Linac4 accelerating structures and it leads design efforts for normal-conducting high gradient structures as required e.g. for a CLIC electron collider. Currently members of the section are involved in the design and measurement of structures for medical accelerators, high power RF sources, and of special purpose superconducting structures.