Roles and representatives

Group structure and roles

Name Leader Deputy Leader Secretariat
RF - Radio Frequency Erk Jensen Frank Gerigk Laurie Hemery
RF-BR - Beams & RF Studies Elena Chapochnikova Thomas Bohl  
RF-CS - Servos & Controls Interface Andy Butterworth Luca Arnaudon  
RF-FB - Feedbacks and Beam Control Wolfgang Hofle Philippe Baudrenghien  
RF-IS - Injector Synchrotrons Carlo Rossi Mauro Paoluzzi  
RF-LRF - Linacs RF Suitbert Ramberger Walter Wuensch  
RF-MK -  Modulators & Klystrons Olivier Brunner Steffen Doebert  
RF-PM - Power amplifiers & couplers, Modules production Eric Montesinos Gino Cipolla  
RF-SRF - SC RF Cavity Technology Karl Schirm Walter Venturini Delsolaro  

Group representatives at committees and meetings

Committee/meeting RF representative Website
BEMB -  BE Management Board Erk Jensen - Frank Gerigk BEMB
IEFC - LHC Injector and Experimental Facilities Committee Carlo Rossi IEFC
LMC - LHC Machine Committee Erk Jensen LMC

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